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Smoking Cessation Now

END Smoking Clinics has come up with the most powerful and dynamic method to aid your ability to quit cigarettes today and for good.  We combine FOUR effective tools in one single session lasting about one hour enabling you to quit smoking for the rest of your life. You can kick the habit today!

Our Innovative Therapy utilizes a

4 step process to help you to stop smoking with our Low Level Laser:


1st step - We use NLP Hypnosis to help the subconscious mind define a non-smoking lifestyle it adopts as we treat points for nicotine addiction to help block your body's need for the drug.


2nd step - We help you affirm seeing yourself as a non-smoker. We use actualization and visualization excercises that supports a new you living a more healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude.


3rd step - We treat stress and relaxation points to help avoid withdrawal symptoms and reduce stress and anxiety using laser.


The 4th step uses a combination of ancient healing practices, accupressure, EFT tapping and supportive coaching to help you end your addiction to cigarettes.  You walk away an ex-smoker!

NLP Hypnosis Protocols

Using Ericksonian hypnosis methods and NLP we tailor the hypnosis experience for every client; to include achievements and successes as anchors for resourceful states, and to call on the client’s values, beliefs, and self image as motivating factors for quitting.

Our methods bring out your personal best
What is Hypnosis and How Does it Work?


Hypnosis activates an altered state of consciousness in which a person is fully awake while being deeply relaxed and therefore more susceptible to suggestion. Exactly how hypnosis works isn’t fully known, but one thing is certain: people in a hypnotic trance can't be convinced to do things they wouldn’t normally do. They are completely in full control of their free will.

You might be surprised to learn that you probably have experienced self-induced hypnotic trances at least once a day. Have you ever been driving your car only to suddenly realize you can't remember some of the trip? Do you sometimes "lose yourself" while reading a good book or watching a movie? Three-dimensional life fades away, and you're immersed in a different reality, often vividly complete with emotions and physical sensations. That sense of disconnection from your present surroundings while awake and alert signals a hypnotic trance. Rather than being sleep-like, while under hypnosis, people are actually in a state of increased attentiveness, and suggestions offered can take root more easily.


While smoking cessation can be a complex issue the combination of NLP Hypnosis, Affirmations, Lasers and Tapping can provide a quick solution

EFT:  Emotional Tapping

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) helps neutralize damaging thoughts that contribute to unremitting cravings and addictions.

Tapping (EFT) as a Quitting Tool


As a smoking cessation aid, hypnosis combined with EFT has one very important benefit that other quit smoking tools aren't able to offer. Because it uses the power of positive suggestion and reinforcement to help you stop smoking, it actually has the ability to help you develop and strengthen your will and determination to succeed. That's amazing!

Most smokers start their quit programs on shaky legs. Nicotine addiction makes us think we are weak and unable to live without our cigarettes. Given time and a healthy attitude though, we can tip the scales in our favor. With every smoke free day completed, you are proving to yourself that quitting is possible. Add some hypnosis to your smoking cessation plan, and it will help you develop the attitude you need to succeed.


Further, if you use hypnosis in conjunction with EFT with another proven method, such as the Low Level Laser your chance of ultimate victory over nicotine and quitting cigarettes forever is practically guaranteed.  Its up to you, the decision to take action and create a new you is in your hands

Laser Accupuncture

During a low level laser session, a cold laser is pointed at specific locations on your ears, face, hands and wrist that helps to release endorphins, which give the smoker a sense of ease & relaxation.

Endorphins are the natural chemicals in the body associated with the spontaneous relief of pain and stress. When quitting smoking, a sudden drop in endorphin levels can often lead to withdrawal symptoms such as stress, tension and anxiety.


Our HALT proven process includes a laser procedure that helps to promote the release of endorphins which in turn reduces cravings, stress and restores balance. During and after our laser therapy treatment that combines NLP Hypnosis and EFT Tapping, you may experience a soothing feeling of well-being (easing the withdrawal symptoms).


Physical withdrawal from Nicotine is 48 to 72 hours and our HTL treatment is designed to assist the client through that period. Laser therapy helps to minimize or eliminate cravings and irritability. So you can focus on simply changing routines and avoiding your smoking triggers. Our program is drug-free, painless, and successful.  Give us a call right now and find out!

NLP Hypnosis, Actualization, Low Level Laser, Tapping (EFT)

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