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*****Quit without pain or weight gain*****


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Quitting Day - Making it last a lifetime...

Release from the jail of cigarette smoking is now at hand for you!

We make it fast & easy. Without a doubt, your own will and decision to stop smoking are the best quit aids available to you.  Determination is a mandatory requirement for successful, long term smoking cessation. With solid commitment in place, any quit aid of your choice will help. Without it, nothing will. So, with that said, let's take a look at how we can support your choice to use our HALT method that combines of hypno, affirmation, low level laser and laser EFT therapy as tools to help you END smoking.


NLP, EFT & Laser Therapy to Stop Smoking

Putting out your last cigarette & making the committment to quit!

When you arrive for your treatment (which can be an anxious time for some people) it's often tempting to have your last cigarette before you come in.  Well, you could... but we prefer you follow this protocol first.


1. When you call to make your appointment, you are already making the decision to quit.  Congratulations!  So once you have confirmed your scheduled HALT treatment begin to imagine what it will be like to finally smoke free!  Take a moment to visualize and pretend you have succeeded!


2. On the morning of your appointment session why not make it a day of celebration.  Play some of your favorite tunes, dance around the house, make a shake or your favorite dish.  As you do toss all your leftover items, cigarettes, ashtray, lighters in a bag and bring it down for us to toss away. 


We endorse positive grooming.  Shower before you come in and wear freshly laundered or new clothes in confirmation of your new clean self.


If you need to have that last cig well, do so, looking at it saying goodbye.


Here are some useful excellent affirmations in your journey to stop smoking using our method. Read these before you come in.  Remember to post these around you in visible locations for best self-hypnosis effect:


It is safe for me to succeed and be smoke free.

I am creating a new healthy smoke free life.

I deserve to be healthy, happy, and smoke-free forever.

I know I am worthy of a happy smoke free life.

I love me enough to let go of my relationship with tobacco.

I easily release any attachment I have to smoking.


3. You will feel welcomed as soon as you enter the treatment room. This is so you can begin to feel relaxed as soon as possible.  There will be a brief intake orientation where we will talk about your previous habit and desire to quit.  After filling out some paperwork we will immediately begin HALT.


4. The Hypnosis (NLP), Affirmations, Laser procedure and Tapping (EFT) may bring you a natural high with a sense of well-being, thereby reducing the temptation to take another cigarette. It inhibits cravings & withdrawal symptoms like irritability and stress giving a fresh outlook.  HALT works!


We have a complete support system in place to help you succeed 100% all the way including a complimentary follow-up session, supplements & free gifts (tools you can use) for those clients that complete our HALT method.

5.  You will leave feeling very satisfied, feeling terrific, so happy that you have really accomplished something wonderful and very powerful such as quitting smoking.  In a sense, you'll have a fresh new start on living a real healthy lifestyle.  The possibilities for a wonderful future are now yours!



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