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Questions and Answers about our fast HALT METHOD Procedure


At END Smoking Clinics we are very passionate about the work we do and love the results we get for our clients.  As such we are 'BIG' on patient integrity! 

We expect our clients to be 100% serious & absolutely committed to quitting! 


As such we expect our clients to show up on-time and be ready to begin.  Cell phones are to be turned off during the procedure and you cannot be in a rush.  The treatment may last up to an hour or a little longer without extra charge.  All appointments are paid for in advance as to demonstrate your commitment and there can be no refunds for missed sessions without a minimum 48 hour advance notice.  In fairness to our business and customers in need of our service we only  choose to work only with smokers who are absolute in their conviction to end their habit.  Our program is extremely highly effective, it works 100% when you have total resolve and a stick-to-it philosophy that says "I am totally going to kick the Nic habit!"

Discover the positive benefits of quitting smoking with HALT therapy.  Your body begins to heal immediately after putting out that last cigarette.  HALT helps you quit for good.

Benefits of Ending Smoking with Helpnosis, EFT & Cold Laser Therapy

20 minutes after quitting smoking with low level laser your blood pressure drops to a level close to that before your last cigarette.  The temperature of your hands and feet increases, returning to normal.  8 hours after quitting smoking with low level laser- the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal, your body is now getting more oxygen.  24 hours after quitting smoking with low level laser - you have better circulation and your lung function increases up to 30%

1 to 9 months after quitting smoking with low level laser- coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath decrease.  Your lungs start to function better, lowering risk of lung infections.

1 year after quitting smoking with low level laser - you reduce your risk of heart disease by 50%.

5-15 years after quitting with low level laser - your risk of having a stroke is the same as someone who has never smoked.

10 years after quitting smoking with low level laser -your risk of dying from lung cancer is about half of a continuing smoker's.  Your risk of cancers of the mouth, throat esophagus, kidney and pancreas also decrease.

15 years after quitting smoking with low level laser - your risk of heart disease is now the same as someone who has never smoked.

What you can do after you quit smoking with HALT

Start running or swimming.  Try something that was difficult for you when you smoked.

Enjoy the taste of healthy meals; fresh veggies, gourmet food, something you have not experienced in a long time.

Hit the gym and enjoy the benefit of all the oxygen returning to your muscles.

Take a kung fu or karate class!  You kicked the cigarettes butt.

Take a relaxing Yoga class.  A favorite of many success patients.

Buy a new boat and enjoy sailing with the money you saved.

Buy a new car and reward yourself for quitting.  Enjoy the new car smell rather than the stinky cigarette smell.

Buy a new pet.  No more worries about making your pet sick from your second hand smoke.

Go out to dinner and no longer worry about craving a cigarette in a non-smoking restaurant

Help a friend to quit smoking and enjoy the benefits of being a healthy non-smoker.

Donate your time to educating others about the dangers of smoking at your local American Lung

Frequently Asked Questions about the Stop Smoking Laser

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

LLLT is the application of a cold "pure" laser light to treat conditions such as smoking, weight loss or stress. Low Level Laser Therapy has been used successfully to treat many kinds of injuries because it promotes healing and tissue repair. It has also been used to treat ulcers and increase healing time in wounds.  HLC uses low level laser therapy to treat clients who would like to quit smoking, lose weight or become less stressed.

What makes Low Level Laser Therapy  work?

The laser reaches through the skin to stimulate nerve endings.  The treatment is similar to acupuncture in that we treat acupuncture meridian points with the low level laser.  Low level laser is currently under investigation in the U.S. to see if it boosts endorphin production, which is produced normally by you and is natures own mood lifter and anesthetic.  This endorphin production may relieve the cravings and withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking to keep you calm and relaxed.

Is LLLT safe?

Low level laser therapy is completely non-invasive.  We use a cold laser, not to be confused with a hot, surgical laser.  The laser is considered a "non-significant risk medical device". It has been used in England, Canada and Europe for over 20 years.  There are no side effects associated with our laser treatment to quit smoking.  The therapy is completely painless and extremely relaxing.  Most clients tend to fall asleep during the treatment.


What type of low level laser do you use?

HALT uses cold, low level lasers for therapy. The medical laser that we use is imported and is the best in the business.  A low level laser system must have enough power and be calibrated with the right wavelength to be effective for the quit smoking and weight loss treatments.  Our lasers are high quality and state of the art.  Laser are used by doctors and chiropractors for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and pain management.  You will find other people trying this method using cheap, inferior 5 mW lasers that do not provide enough power for the therapy to work.  Our lasers have been designed specifically for quitting smoking or losing weight and they do that very well.


What if I can't be hypnotized?

HALT is an integrated process that can work for everyone regardless of being able to be hypnotically induced.  Each HALT element by itself can effectively help you stop smoking.  HALT purposely uses various protocols that are very safe and thoroughly researched and tested because they work.  Even if the Hypno or Tapping portion were not included the use of low level laser alone would be very highly effective in helping you eliminate nicotine cravings however bolstered by hypnotic NLP and tapping positive suggestions can help make your subconscious mind even more determined to quit for good!


What if I use chewing tobacco or dip?

HALT treats people who dip, vape, smoke pipes, cigars or even flavored tobacco hookahs.  If you have a nicotine addiction, we can help.  The process of Hypnosis NLP and EFT with Lasers is very powerful!


How does your clinic compare with other laser clinics?

What separates us from other clinics is that we don't apply the laser for 20 minutes and send you home like others.  After extensive research we have developed a combination HALT method approach that works to provide you the best possible quitting experience.  Our in-depth Hypnosis session can assist with the behavioral aspects of quitting.  You'll also receive additional info detailing exactly what you can expect before and after the treatment.   You should expect to spend about an hour or so with us for your therapy.  You will also have the option to receive further coaching, positive hypnotic re-enforcement or receive follow up laser treatments that you can use within a 12 month period to use for yourself if you need them.  This provides good "assurance" that you will remain a non-smoker.


We understand what smokers are going through when they quit smoking and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in helping you to quit smoking, dipping or chewing.  The laser technique is widely recognized because of the many news stories that were produced about the success of the method and the many media/radio personalities and celebrities that have used it to quit smoking.


Will this treatment hurt?

Most people describe an extremely relaxed feeling after the laser session.  The laser is a cold laser and does not hurt.  The laser that we use is a class iii cold laser, not to be confused with a hot, or surgical laser.  Many of our clients end up at this stage of the HALT protocol falling asleep within minutes of starting the laser portion of the quit smoking therapy because it REALLY is so relaxing.


Will I gain weight?

Weight gain may be a temporary situation for some but it is avoidable when using the HALT method for quitting smoking.  Studies conducted in other countries using laser have shown little to no weight gain with LLLT.  Drinking water for the next few weeks after quitting will help you to feel fuller.  Laser therapy keeps you relaxed so that you don't decide to reach for food rather than a cigarette.  We also treat points that boost your metabolism and can include dietary suggestions in the helpnosis if asked.


What points do you focus the laser on?

We treat points on the ears, face, wrists and hands.  We have a 3 step process for this treatment:

1st  - We treat points for nicotine addiction to help block the body's need for nicotine.

2nd - We target diet points to control your appetite and avoid excessive weight gain.

3rd  - We laser stress and relaxation points to avoid withdrawal symptoms and reducing tension!


Will my medical insurance cover the cost of therapy?

As an alternative (experimental) set-up we do not personally accept insurance but many companies will reimburse you for your treatment.  We can print out a detailed receipt that you can submit to your insurance or employer for reimbursement.  Talk to your doctor or therapist about your policy to see if there are flex plans or reimbursements.  END Smoking Clinics works with many corporations to provide a discount rate to their employees as well.  Inquire with your Human Resources Manager or Benefits Coordinator about getting bonuses for quitting and ask about an employee discount plan.

Are there other approaches I can use to quit smoking besides the HALT method?

Quit Cold Turkey.  Regardless of what method you choose, these tips from the Mayo Clinic may help:

  • Spread the word. Tell your family, friends and co-workers that you’re planning to quit smoking. Ask anyone in your household who smokes to quit with you.

  • Make it inconvenient to smoke. Keep your cigarettes in the car when you’re in the house or working. Smoke with the “opposite” hand. Buy only one pack of cigarettes at a time. Switch to brands you don’t like.

  • Cut back. Delay your first cigarette of the day. Smoke only half the cigarette. Trade one smoking break a day for a brisk walk or other physical activity.

  • Change your habits. Avoid anything that tempts you to smoke. You might switch to water or soda instead of coffee or alcohol, go places where smoking isn’t allowed, or hang out with people who don’t smoke.

  • Count down to a quit date. Pick a date to quit smoking. Clearly mark it on the calendar. Give yourself a few days or weeks to prepare, but don’t postpone the date too far.

  • Toss your smoking gear. As your quit date approaches, get rid of your lighters, ashtrays and stashed cigarettes.

  • Learn from your mistakes. If you’ve tried to quit before, think about what went wrong and what you could do differently this time.


Are there any health conditions for which low level laser therapy is not recommended?

LLLT is not recommended for those who have blockages, tumors, active cancers or for those who are undergoing radiation, chemotherapy or those who are pregnant.  If you have epilepsy or a thyroid condition, please inform your laser therapist prior to treatment.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding the therapy, please consult with your doctor first.

As an alternative for laser we also can use other means to stimulate the same points on the ear and wrist using electro-TCM stems (ask us) or we can also bring in a professional acupuncturist using needles that done correctly do not hurt (you won't feel any strong sting or pinch of the nerves)


We can always discount NOT using any portion of the HALT treatment not used however regardless just one aspect of the process whether using laser or not works to help you quit smoking for good.

What form of payment do you take for laser treatments?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks and Cash.  We also accept paypal.


Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for smoking or weight loss?

Yes.  We can take payment over the phone and mail a gift certificate to you or you can visit a clinic and pick one up in person.


What does the treatment cost?

We often run specials so it is best to call up and find out if we have any promotions going on.  Depending on the sale and the office location, average sessions run from $350.00 to $499.00.


What is the name of your procedure and where is your End Smoking Clinic located?

HALT stands for Hypnosis, Actualization, Laser and Tapping treatment.  The HALT Method and our proprietary QST (Quit Smoking Therapy) protocol is exclusively offered by END Smoking Clinics headquartered in Los Angeles,  California.  Affiliate office management and training facilities are now offered primarily from Waukesha, Wisconsin.  We partner with alternative health practitioners such as naturopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists to bring you an affordable, fast and effective method that works within one hour or less - helping you to finally END smoking and quitting forever, for good.

How do I sign up for the treatment?

All treatments are by appointment only.   CLICK HERE or

Call 310-428-9784 today to learn more about Quitting For Good Today!



"Hypnosis may help you cope better with certain medical conditions, stop unwanted habits or reduce stress related to medical procedures."


"The effects of hypnosis can be long lasting and can improve your overall quality of life."

-Mayo Clinic

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