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Partner with Us.  Lets Kick-it-Together!

Are you a Chiropractor, Accupuncturist, Massage Therapist or other service provider in Alernative Healthcare?  Would you like to partner up with us!

It’s easy. Just ask your current clients if they smoke and find out if they would like to quit.


You can either refer them to us or we can schedule weekly or monthly visits to your clinic and treat patients right in the comfort of your office or clinic.  We have worked with area hospitals, social workers and psychotherapists with great success.  We get results for your patients and score at the top in customer service and satisfaction surveys.


END Smoking Clinics offers a full money back guarantee and our affiliate commissions and referral rebates make it a no-brainer to delegate the work to us.  We are a trusted brand and specialize in the HTL procedure that we developed particularly for this niche.


We currently serve the West Los Angeles market however, with a growing fan base of happy ex-smokers raving about our service, the word is spreading and we would love for you to become an affiliate HTL service provider or an associate END Smoking Clinic.


Please contact us for further information on how we can partner and build our practices.


Thank you from the ESC team!


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