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AFTER CARE: Take these steps to maintain your new smoke-free lifestyle and gain greater confidence and positive healthy habits that move you forward!


Now that you have completed your HALT Smoking Session you are feeling fantastic and free!  Here are a few tips to keep the momentum going and help you acheive the next level of your life's possibilities.

New Positive Self-Talk Download

A complete mental script subliminal word by word mind download to quit realization

Brainwave relaxer for receptivity

Enhanced with IsoBeats allows your submind to accept HALT affirmations in an easy way.

Non-Smoker Success Affirmations

Many clients really enjoy the affirmations at the end of the session.  Here they are again

Congrats! Key thoughts and affirmations to keep in mind!

As you begin and enjoy your new smoke free life, it is important to bolster your self-confidence and take care of your well being by pampering yourself with healthy treats! Lets start off your mornings with positive affirmations, stretching or yoga.  Maybe you will enjoy making a power shake or for lunch try eating some fresh fruits or vegetables. 


Post positive reminder affirmations and mantras around your house, office, and car, it will help by continuously reinforcing supportive loving messages to your subconscious.


"I Love Me Being Smoke Free" // "I Deserve to Be Healthy and I Am Now Smoke Free"


Remember that you chose to quit smoking out of respect for yourself. Take that "lack" that you might feel if you ever crave a cigarette and, instead of becoming tense and worrisome, fill that "hole" with positive feelings of love.  Instead breathe deeply, and know you are stronger UBEING this way, you are living smoke-free because its who you are!


Do your breathing excercises and stretches as part of a regular routine and while taking in fresh air, really imagine the sensation of twinkles of light are warming your lungs and rejuvenating your body. Feel the fresh air moving the oxygen through your body, your fingers and toes, and even directly to your brain!  You FEEL so refreshed & renewed!

It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it?  Repeat:

I Feel sooo Refreshed, Renewed, and Relaxed    (;      BE SURE TO GET LOTSA REST!  zzzzz
This affirmation is perfect for when you are waking up or preparing to sleep.

((Maybe in the past these may have been the difficult times for a few who got 'an urge'))


Instead of dwelling on needless urges of the old you and letting them resurge, feel the love instead of an energetic potential and positive awareness of the new you winning. Trust the process, you’ll love yourself for it, sleep easier, and wake up refreshed and vibrant.


You KNOW it -so feel like a BIG winner while embracing yourself as a new person!

HALT Daily Declarations
  • I am a non smoker

  • I have stopped smoking

  • I value my health highly

  • Stopping smoking was easy

  • I want to stay smoke free

  • I ended my smoking habits

  • I respect my body

  • I am in control of my mind

  • I am in full control of my impulses and urges

  • I am strong against temptation

  • My willpower is rock solid

  • I stay disciplined against my cravings

  • My lungs are healthy,

  • My lungs are clean

Be sure to drink lots of H20!
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